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DeliProofer 16-M

DeliProofer 16-M

DeliProofer, in the set with Vision 611, 1011 or DM5 or DM8, will speed up the work with the dough preparation and will make the work easier. DeliProofer is self-powered with integrated controls. DeliProofer can reach 80 °C.


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Key features

  • Self-powered with integrated controls
  • Possible to stack with Retigo combi ovens 611 and 1011 or Retigo DeliMasters 5 and 8
  • Manual controls
  • Time and temperature settings
  • Manual moisturizing control
  • Innovative air circulation technology
  • Humidification water tray
  • Integrated condensate container
  • Stainless steel used - AISI 304 (1.4301)
  • Wheels with brakes

Technical data

ModelDeli Proofer 16-M
Energy Electricity
Capacity 16 x GN 600/400
70 mm
Dimensions (w x h x d)  980 x 905 x 825 mm
Weight 90 kg
Total power 1,2 kW
Fuse 16 A
Voltage 1N~/230V/50 Hz
Water connection G 3/4” 
Max. temperature 85 °C



Deli Proofer 16-M